10 Creative Ways to Reveal Baby's Gender

You've probably heard some basic ideas for spreading the word about baby's sex. But these new ideas will really wow your family and friends — and make sharing your surprise even more exciting.~~
ByElena Donovan Mauer
Jul 2020
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You’ve probably heard some basic ideas for spreading the word about baby’s sex. But these new ideas will really wow your family and friends — and make sharing your surprise even more exciting.





Production guide article content: Enquiring minds want to know: Is it a boy or a girl? These days, parents aren’t just providing an answer, they’re revealing it in special ways—and there are tons of baby gender reveal ideas for you to choose from. Whether you’re searching for gender reveal party inspiration or gender reveal picture ideas, there’s something for everyone here. If your plan is to use the reveal to discover baby’s gender for the first time yourselves, have a friend or family member get the results from your doctor and arrange the reveal details for you. Keep scrolling to see some of the best gender reveal ideas around, from the sweet ‘n’ simple to the utterly dramatic.


Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

With gender reveals soaring in popularity over the past few years, it can feel like people are turning to the same gender reveal tactics time and again. If you’re wracking your brain for some under-the-radar options, don’t stress—we’ve come up with plenty of unique gender reveal ideas for you. These are sure to step up the drama and turn your gender reveal party into one your guests aren’t likely to forget.

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Gender Reveal Piñata

This gender reveal idea is simply smashing! Pick up a piñata that explodes with pink or blue confetti, revealing baby’s gender. Serve up tacos and virgin sangria to make it a full-on fiesta.

Buy it: starting at $36, Etsy.com

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Gender Reveal Baseball

If you’re hosting a sports-themed gender reveal party, batter up! Have your gender reveal party guests don pink or blue to cast their votes, then see which team won by hitting one of these colored powder-filled baseballs out of the park. (You can also choose a football or soccer ball.)

Buy it: $2, Etsy.com

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Harry Potter Gender Reveal

Wizard or witch? Only the sorting hat knows! For one of the most magically unique gender reveal ideas, gather everyone around to watch as you lift the sorting hat. Underneath? An article of clothing for a boy or girl, revealing the sorting hat’s “decision.”

Buy it: $30, Amazon.com

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Gender Reveal Nails

Take your manicure to the next level with gender reveal nails. What’s that, you ask? A nail artist wowed the internet when she painted her nails pink and blue with a tiny fake cake atop her finger, then had a friend light the cake candle, which revealed either a blue or pink flame. Talk about unique gender reveal ideas!

%% IMAGE 5 %%

Gender Reveal LED Lightsabers

Any Star Wars fans in the house? Use The Force to reveal your baby’s gender and fire up a lightsaber. If you’re expecting a mini Luke Skywalker, it’ll glow blue, or pink for a little Princess Leia. Bonus: These make great favors for a Star Wars-themed gender reveal party!

Buy it: $10 for pink lightsaber, Amazon.com; $9 for blue lightsaber, Amazon.com

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Gender Reveal Burnout

Get those gender reveal tires spinning! With this clever burnout tire pack, climb into your car (or motorcycle) and let the wheels do the work, billowing either pink or blue smoke. This gender reveal idea will definitely kick things into high gear.

Buy it: starting at $7, Etsy.com

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Gender Reveal Paint Guns

These proud parents-to-be wore white to their gender reveal party and armed their friends with paint guns filled with pink or blue paint. As guests went to town, they also discovered: It’s a boy! It’s one of the most creative gender reveal ideas we’ve come across.

%% IMAGE 8 %%

Pokemon Gender Reveal

In this case, you don’t actually have to catch anything! Reveal baby’s gender by tossing this poké ball and watch it hit the ground and explode into blue or pink dust.

Buy it: $35, Etsy.com

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Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards

Time to get hands-on! You can design your own scratch-off card (check this out for a how-to) or buy them ready-made. This is one of the best gender reveal ideas for family members who live far away—just pop the card into the mail and wait for their excited call.

Buy it: starting at $16, Etsy.com

%% IMAGE 10 %%

Gender Reveal Dragon Egg

Calling all Game of Thrones fans! If you’re looking for a truly unique gender reveal idea, this one is a standout. The “dragon egg” starts out with black scales but changes color (to pink or blue) once heated to room temperature.

Buy it: $45, Etsy.com

%% IMAGE 11 %%

Gender Reveal Ultrasound Party

In all honesty, most medical experts aren’t super-keen on this gender reveal idea, since things can get kinda squishy. But some couples say they cherished the opportunity to have loved ones with them in the exam room as they discovered their baby’s gender during the mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

Thoughtful, playful or both, these cute gender reveal ideas will undoubtedly make your friends and family go awww.

%% IMAGE 12 %%

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

This is a cute idea for any gender reveal party. To play up the “bun in the oven” pun, bake a cake or cupcakes colored with pink or blue food dye in the center. Once the oven has cooled, put the treat(s) back in for safe hiding. At the party, gather everyone in the kitchen, open the oven and pull out your cake for the big reveal.

%% IMAGE 13 %%

Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

If you’re searching for cool gender reveal ideas, you’ve found one of the best. For a theatrical take, have your guests gather around you in an open outdoor space. Have someone let loose a smoke bomb in pink or blue, and you’ve got a reveal that’s picture-ready. This popular gender reveal idea has proven a winner time and again!

Buy it: $26, Amazon.com

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Gender Reveal Cake

Ask your favorite baker to create a blue or pink cake, topped with vanilla or chocolate frosting. When it’s time for cake, gather everyone around the table as you make that first slice with a flourish—and show everyone what you’re having.

%% IMAGE 15 %%

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

If you’re hosting a gender reveal party, gather up a stash of these gender reveal poppers—either pink or blue—and have your guests give them a good tug! (Or, get two for you and your partner and set off the cannons yourselves.) It’s sure to step up the festive vibe and create the perfect photo (you’ll look like you’re in a parade!).

Buy it: starting at $3, Etsy.com

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Gender Reveal Candle

We love this cute gender reveal idea. For a more intimate way to learn the news, light the wick of a gender reveal candle—as it burns down, it’ll reveal the hidden color at the center. Since it’s small enough to box up and ship, a candle is another great gender reveal idea for family who live far away.

Buy it: $23, Etsy.com

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Gender Reveal Fireworks

A lot of couples love the idea of gender reveal fireworks—and we’ll admit, it certainly adds dramatic flair. But if you’re going to go this route, use extreme caution and enlist the help of professionals. You don’t want your gender reveal ending in flames, like this dad-to-be.

Funny Gender Reveal Ideas

Seriously, these fun gender reveal ideas are laugh-out-loud funny. It’s good practice—after all, the secret to surviving parenthood is having a good sense of humor.

%% IMAGE 18 %%

“Here for the Sex” Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Because your guests came for the sex—the reveal of your baby’s sex, that is! These hilarious toppers are especially fun on gender reveal cupcakes. Add this to your list of cool gender reveal ideas that are totally Instagram-worthy.

Buy it: starting at $4 for six, Etsy.com

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Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

In the market for fun gender reveal ideas? An interactive game is always a good way to go. Pour a little pink or blue paint into one balloon and the rest with white before blowing them up, then secure to a board. Now see which of your gender reveal party guests can pop the “belly” first. (Play this outside to minimize mess.)

%% IMAGE 20 %%

Gender Reveal Filtered Ultrasound

If you like editing and filtering photos, then you’ll love doing the same with baby’s ultrasound pic. Add blue or pink effects and emojis to the sonogram. Then email it to friends and family or blast it on social media and watch the likes roll in.

%% IMAGE 21 %%

Old Wives’ Tales Gender Reveal

With this instant download, guests try to figure out if you’re having a boy or a girl based on the classic old wives’ tales associated with pregnancy. Has Mom had morning sickness? And what side is she sleeping on? This fun gender reveal idea is sure to get some giggles.

Buy it: $14, Etsy.com

%% IMAGE 22 %%

Gender Reveal Silly String

Few things will bring on the LOLs like the parents-to-be covered in Silly String. This fun gender reveal idea calls for wrapping cans of Silly String with decorative paper so no one knows what color they have. Hand the cans out at your gender reveal party and let the stringing begin!

Buy it: $5, Etsy.com

Gender Reveal Box Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a gender reveal party or want to send a little surprise to family far away, these gender reveal box ideas have you covered.

%% IMAGE 23 %%

Gender Reveal Balloon Release

This one’s a classic: Pack a giant decorated box with pink or blue helium-filled balloons, and then during your gender reveal party, unbox the balloons and reveal! Just don’t let them loose into the air, to protect our environment. Don’t feel like boxing balloons yourself? Just add a gender reveal box to your Amazon cart.

Buy it: $15, Amazon.com

%% IMAGE 24 %%

Gender Reveal Booties

Special delivery! For loved ones who can’t make it to your gender reveal party, this is a cute gender reveal idea for family: Send them a package, and when they open it up, they’ll be greeted with either pink or blue crocheted booties and a teether.

Buy it: $29, Etsy.com

%% IMAGE 25 %%

Gender Reveal Bows

If crocheted booties aren’t your style, how about a box with a pink hair bow or blue bow tie? The special sticker inside helps announce this cute gender reveal.

Buy it: $30, Etsy.com

%% IMAGE 26 %%

Gender Reveal Onesies

This option is perfect for the big party moment–just open up the box and let guests get a peek at the pink or blue onesies (arranged like cupcakes, no less) inside. Plus, seeing how easy it is to pop the box in the mamil, it’s also a perfect gender reveal idea for family afar!

Buy it: starting at $46, Etsy.com

Simple Gender Reveal Ideas

Just because these simple baby gender reveal ideas are low maintenance doesn’t mean they’re any less special! After all, when you’re expecting, you’ve got enough on your plate.

%% IMAGE 27 %%

Gender Reveal Fizz With Rubber Ducky

If you’re going along with “Waddle it be?” theme, this rubber ducky—which sits on top of a white bath bomb—is for you. Plop it into a bowl and watch the bath bomb slowly dissolve to turn the water pink or blue.

Buy it: $25 for 2, Etsy.com

%% IMAGE 28 %%

Gender Reveal Guessing Game

What’s a gender reveal party without gender reveal games? Here’s an easy one for you: Have guests guess baby’s gender and write it down on a slip of paper. Before they leave, announce what you’ll be having. Those who guessed right win a prize. This is also a great twin gender reveal idea!

%% IMAGE 29 %%

Gender Reveal Name Suggestions

Place this instantly downloadable sign next to two bowls—one for boy names and one for girl names. Have everyone add a suggestion to each and before the party’s over, reveal baby’s gender by picking up the corresponding bowl and reading off all the suggestions. It’s another easy twin gender reveal idea.

Buy it: $2, Etsy.com

%% IMAGE 30 %%

Gender Reveal Punch

Here’s a tasty but simple gender reveal idea: Your party guests will know what you’re having once you serve them a drink—either pink lemonade or Blue Hawaiian Punch.

%% IMAGE 31 %%

Gender Reveal Shirts

Make your appearance at the party dressed in gender reveal shirts. We’re partial to these “Team Stashes” and “Team Lashes” shirts, but any related message (or color scheme) will do.

Buy it: $22, Etsy.com

Gender Reveal Ideas with Siblings

Many of the baby gender reveal ideas in this post can be customized for siblings—big sis can open the box of balloons or break the piñata, for instance. But these options are especially great for getting your little one involved in the fun.

%% IMAGE 32 %%

Gender Reveal Pictures

One of the best gender reveal ideas is to gather your family together for a memorable photo, just as the Venture family—snapped by Songbird Photography—did. Say cheese and have a friend click. Don’t forget the gender reveal sign!

%% IMAGE 33 %%

Gender Reveal Big Sibling Tees

Let your older child announce baby’s gender by having her stroll into the party in a shirt that reads, “I’m getting a baby brother!” or “I’m getting a baby sister!” She can make the shirt herself with fabric markers on a white tee or choose from a bunch online.

%% IMAGE 34 %%

Gender Reveal Maternity Photos With Big Bro or Sis

We love this creative gender reveal idea for families expecting baby #2. For a fun twist on a maternity photoshoot, wear a white tee, then have your child dip their hands in blue or pink paint. Shoot one pic showing their little hands on your belly, and the next revealing the color of the handprints.

%% IMAGE 35 %%

Gender Reveal Golf Ball

If your kiddo is into golf, let them take a swing at revealing baby’s gender—literally! One whack of the club and this golf ball will explode into pink or blue powder. It’s a simple gender reveal idea that’s fun for the whole family.

Buy it: $15, Etsy.com

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