So that little baby of yours is now officially a full-blown toddler, huh? Congrats! From handling tantrums to getting your tot to eat more vegetables (trust us, there are ways), we'll help make that transition from baby to "big kid" as smooth as possible.

1-Year-Old Milestones

Your child has reached an exciting new phase! Now that your toddler is a 1-year-old, they'll be racing through a lot of "firsts," including their first steps, first cup and first words. Your toddler will have a lot of energy and awareness that develops into plenty of new experiences for both of you.

2-Year-Old Milestones

Your toddler is now 2 years old—and they are just getting started! Tantrums, testing limits and "no" will happen every day along with beautiful moments, milestones and boundless curiosity. We'll help you develop routines and consistency that will guide your tot through these challenging and incredible months!